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Saturday, 5 November 2011

oracle+java..tapi .net?

Oracle Announces New Release of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

Speeds Java and Oracle Fusion Application Development


"The latest release of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g continues to provide Java developers the tools they need to enhance their productivity and help them deliver high-quality applications,” said Ted Farrell, chief architect and senior vice president Tools and Middleware, Oracle. “With expanded support for Oracle ADF and Oracle Coherence, as well as advanced refactoring and debugging capabilities, users can reduce errors and innovate faster – delivering more business value to end users in less time.”

haaa... oracle.. java... hmmm... cukuplah sy nak pilih salah 1 ajerr... petunjuk... petunjuk.. sila la datang...

next year tinggal sebulan je lagi, sy kene buat keputusan.. stay or leave if i stay, akan teros bergelumang dengan .net ini..but if i leave...will join mende yang d-mention kat atas nye version 10g ajer

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