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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Ok guys I found this at twitter..~

Jep Sepah is Mine..!!

And someone respond to it:
-Get a life beb. It's just a stupid celebrity crush. You and I will get over him when a new celebrity come.. But if you think that's not gonna happen then fine, he's yours..

That juz an example. I know outside, there are a lot of people that face the same situation. Me too..ahakss..

Another celebrities like Korean artist, Saheizy Sam, Anwar Hadi, Matluthfi, Heliza, Fida (Syurga Cinta)..& the list is up to you..~~

Firstly, what is celebrity crush? It’s means  Someone famous one finds immensely desirable/attractive/handsome & one fall "in love" with them.

How to cope with celebrity crush?

Best answer:(from internet)

Everyone has a celebrity crush, and it's actually quite fun to watch someone on TV and be "in love" with them
I have a celebrity crush and know alot about them, it's fine, when you meet someone and fall in love it will go away

some pictures:
song joong ki